December 20, 2018
Sofia Vergara Shares A Romantic Snap With Joe Manganiello While On A Tropical Getaway

The always sexy Sofia Vergara and her hunky husband Joe Manganiello recently celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary and allowed fans an inside peek at just what these lovebirds do while away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives as they lounged at "Casa Chipi Chipi," Sofia's private beachside destination home, for the holidays.

The pair wed in November 2015 in a romantic ceremony at The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. The Modern Family star posted a sweet snap with hubby Joe on Instagram during a romantic date night. The 46-year-old sat cheek to cheek with Joe, 41, on the quaint porch of their cottage. She proclaimed her affection for her hot hubby in her post.

"Te amooooo," which translates to "I love you."

Instead of celebrating Christmas in the traditional way, they opted to head off to the tropical island earlier this week, People reported. Sofia has shared several shots of them enjoying their downtime, including one of Joe reclining on a swinging bench outdoors while reading a book.

Whether he's on stage acting or posing for pics with his love, it's hard to deny how hot Joe is. But it's not his good looks that makes her heart go pitter patter. Sofia recently shared with People the trait she finds the sexiest in her husband. It's not what you'd think.

"I mean, he's so good-looking, he's so handsome, but that's nothing that's ever in his vocabulary or he doesn't even know about it. To be with somebody that is like that and also very intellectual and intelligent — because he's like a nerd — is kind of, it's hard to find, so I love that about him," she shared.

Joe also tries to push that nerdy side of him that Sofia loves onto her. The Magic Mike XXL actor has unsuccessfully swayed his spouse to play Dungeons and Dragons with him.

"He's been, like, harassing me to create a Dungeons and Dragons character so that I'd play," she said. "I refuse!"

Joe also loves the Pittsburg Steelers and repeatedly tries to encourage his wife to watch a game on TV with him.

"I refuse to do it. I can sit with him for a little while and pretend that I'm watching but that's it, I'm not going to watch a whole Steeler's game," she said.

Watching TV and playing board games surely isn't at the top of their to-do list while these lovebirds are nestled away at their vacation hideout, though.