Penny Marshall's Ex-Boyfriend Art Garfunkel Once Credited Her For Pulling Him Out Of A Deep Depression

Victoria Miller

Penny Marshall had two marriages — to high school boyfriend Mickey Henry and later to actor Rob Reiner — but she also had a serious romance with singer Art Garfunkel. Marshall dated Garfunkel on and off in the 1980s after her split from Reiner, and the "Scarborough Fair" singer has credited her with saving him when he was going through a dangerous depression after the suicide death of his longtime love, Laurie Bird.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Garfunkel, who went on to marry his wife of 30 years, Kim Cermak, talked about when he began "hanging out" with Penny Marshall in the 1980s.

"Everything changed," Garfunkel said. "Penny is a sweet human being who can bring anybody down to earth."

"She's a great film director and actress who's just so light and funny that she helped bring me out of myself. We had a million laughs, the sex was good and it got me out of my introversion. We're still friends, but I'm a married guy now — my heart is elsewhere.'

"I didn't even know they didn't get along!" Marshall told USA Today. "I dated Artie, and Carrie dated Paul. We came back from dinner. I didn't know their problems and that they didn't speak. I was totally innocent. I asked them to play, and they did. And it was magical."

Marshall eventually fell in love with Art Garfunkel and took a bike trip through Europe with him. Of the end of the whirlwind romance, Marshall said it simply "ran its course."

"Artie liked to go for walks. He went out for the paper and ended up in New Jersey. Then he'd come back and pick up where he left off. He did show me the world."

"There was a book party," Marshall told Vulture. "Artie and [his wife] Kim came. And Artie had come up before. He didn't like the picture of him [in the book]."