VIDEO: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Trailer Features Jenelle Evans’ 911-Call Against Husband David Eason

Jenelle Evans accused her husband of assaulting her at their North Carolina home during filming on Season 9.

Jenelle Evans appears in 'Teen Mom 2' Season 9 trailer.

Jenelle Evans accused her husband of assaulting her at their North Carolina home during filming on Season 9.

Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason, won’t be featured during the ninth season of Teen Mom 2 — but he will be a hot topic of discussion on the hit MTV reality series.

In a sneak peek at the upcoming season shared by MTV on December 17, a 911-responder is heard asking, “What is your emergency?”

In response, Evans begins to tell the woman about an encounter she had with her controversial husband.

“My, my husband…” she began.

Although the sneak peek at Season 9 doesn’t reveal many details regarding what exactly Evans was accusing her husband of doing, her phone call to police was leaked online months ago, after an October 13 incident at their North Carolina home.

“My God. Sorry. My name is Jenelle Eason… and my husband he just assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground and… I’m sorry. In the yard. And I think I heard my f**king collarbone crack. And I can’t move my arms. I can’t,” Evans told the operator, according to a transcript of her call shared by Starcasm in October.

“He is here at the house and he’s been drinking. And I think he got violent because he was drinking. And I’m recovering from a surgery on Monday and I’m sorry.”

Jenelle Evans accused David Eason of being abusive towards her during her 911-call. But, after the call was released online, she told a very different story to E! News.

“It was a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding,” she said. “Everything is great…We are totally fine.”

In addition to telling E! News that her allegations against David Eason were nothing more than a “drunk and dramatic misunderstanding,” Jenelle Evans made a video on YouTube, in which she insisted to her fans and followers that she would never tolerate an abusive relationship — because she’s been involved with number of them in the past.

“Everything’s fine. You know, I’ve been in so many domestic violence situations in the past that I would not put up with it now,” she said, via a report from Newsweek. “So I don’t know why you guys would think that I would continue to stay in this relationship if I was being abused.”

Evans then slammed her fans for accusing her of lying about abusive relationships in the past when she really wasn’t — and accusing her of being in an abusive relationship now, when she claims she’s not.

Teen Mom 2 Season 9 premieres on MTV on Monday, January 14. The show will air at 9 p.m.