Trump Could Resign ‘In The Coming Weeks,’ Predicts MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

Despite constant criticism, steadily decreasing poll numbers, and legal action surrounding him and his colleagues, Donald Trump has stood strong in his position as president of the United States for two years, though one man believes his time might be up.

During his MSNBC show Hardball With Chris Matthews on Monday, December 17, host Chris Matthews ended with his “Let Me Finish” segment during which Huffington Post noted he offered a suggestion to how special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation could end–with the president offering to vacate his position.

Matthews noted Mueller’s lack of hesitancy to indict anyone he finds guilty, including Trump’s two children Ivanka and Donald Jr., whom Matthews explained could potentially be the “next dominoes to fall.” However, despite facing prosecution and possible prison time, they are unlikely to give up their father as others have done throughout the investigation.

“But what if the prosecutor were to offer the president an alternative,” Matthews speculated to his viewers during the two-minute segment. “What if he were to say he would let the children walk if the old man does the same? That would mean giving up the presidency in exchange for acquittals all around–not just for himself, but for all his kids.”

Matthews left his viewers questioning the fate of President Trump’s kids and whether or not they will be the next ones to face indictments–and if their father will sit back and allow it to happen.

The news anchor also reminded his audience that this would not be the first time a special deal like this was struck, saying that the president may need to take the “Agnew way out,” referring to former Vice President Spiro Agnew, who served under former President Richard Nixon.

Spiro served from 1969 to 1973, when he resigned amid an investigation by U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland George Beall, who was looking into corruption in Baltimore County, where Spiro had served as a government official before becoming vice president. Agnew eventually struck a plea deal, resulting in him leaving his position with a fine and probation, but no jail time, as noted in the New York Times at the time of his resignation.

This is the path Matthews suggests President Trump take to save both him and his children.

“Leverage the office while you still have it,” he advised.

“So let’s watch the probable events of the coming weeks bring all of this to a breaking point,” Matthews ended his show on. “It is going to be historic.”

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