Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is ‘Almost Repaired’ After Fall That Fractured Three Ribs

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she is “almost repaired” after a fall last month that fractured three of her ribs. According to CNN, the 85-year-old justice sat down for an interview with NPR’s Nina Totenberg in New York City on Saturday and said that she is even back to her infamous full workout routine.

At a sold-out event at the Museum of the City in Manhattan, Ginsburg talked about the fall that had Democrats holding their breath for the liberal justice’s recovery. While many people worried that the fall could lead to worsening health and her eventual departure from the court, leaving President Donald Trump another liberal seat to fill with a conservative justice, Ginsburg said that she was back to working out immediately after her fall. She admits, however, that she and her trainer just focused on her leg routine.

Now, the oldest justice on the court says that she is back to her whole routine as of Friday. “And yesterday was my first day doing my whole workout routine,” she told Totenberg.

Her fitness regime has been the subject of pop-culture wonderment, including a stint where Late Show host Stephen Colbert attempted to keep up with the justice during a workout. Her session involves an hour-long routine of stretching, presses, curls, squats, rows, planks, kicks, push-ups, and five minutes on the treadmill at a jog. Totenberg was shocked that Ginsburg was back at it.

“The whole routine that most 35-year-olds can’t do,” she marveled.

After falling, Ginsburg didn’t retire from public life for her recovery. She didn’t miss a single day of arguments and appeared at numerous events, including the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush and a ceremony for late Justice Antonin Scalia.

She also showed up recently to meet the stars of the new biopic about her life called On the Basis of Sex, which hits theaters on December 25. It stars Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, and Justin Theroux and was directed by Mimi Leder. Ginsburg makes a cameo appearance in the film. Armie Hammer, who plays her husband in the movie, recently posted an image of the justice visiting with the stars.

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This isn’t the first time Ginsburg has overcome health challenges to continue her role on the Supreme Court. In 1999 she survived a bout with colon cancer. In 2009, she battled and won against pancreatic cancer, a disease with a notoriously low survival rate. She also had a heart procedure done in 2014.