Kim Kardashian 'Can't Stand' Kanye West's Drama, But Supports Him Anyway

Kim Kardashian allegedly can't stand when her husband, Kanye West, starts drama online via a rant, or anything else. However, she feels like it is her place as the rapper's wife to continue to support him, even when she may not agree with what he's doing or saying.

According to a December 14 report by People Magazine, Kardashian is growing tired of Kanye West stirring the pot, especially amid her husband's current feud with fellow rapper, Drake.

Recently, Kanye called out Drake for dissing him and his family, and Kim was right there to offer her support. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star even tweeted at Drake telling him not to threaten her family, and revealing that Kanye paved the way for him to even be in the rap game.

However, just because Kim supports Kanye in the public, it doesn't mean that she's happy with what is going on behind the scenes.

"Kim will always be supportive publicly of Kanye. She believes this is what she needs to do as his wife. They are a team and she will stick up for him," an insider told the outlet.

"[Kim] can't stand when he starts drama like this. It's very stressful for her because she doesn't know when it will stop and what he will do next. She has no control over his social media drama," the source added.

In addition, the insider revealed that Kanye West does not consult with Kim Kardashian about his social media posts, and it is the not knowing what he's going to say or when he's going to say it that allegedly has the reality star stressed out.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kanye even called out Travis Scott in his rant. Travis is the boyfriend of West's sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner, and the couple share one child together, daughter Stormi Webster.

In a now deleted tweet, Kanye reveals that Travis may have gotten a number one album, but he did it by collaborating with Drake, and betraying his family.

The tweet allegedly rattled the Kardashian/Jenner brood, and the Sun now reports that the family is now in jeopardy of having their Christmas ruined because of the drama.

Sources claim that Kylie is furious with Kanye for speaking out about Travis, and that she refuses to be in the same room with him. However, Kris Jenner is allegedly trying to fix the mess before the holidays so that the family can be together.

Fans can see more of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns for a new season next year.