iPhone Coaster Charger Powers Apple Devices Using Hot And Cold Drinks

The Epiphany One Puck is not your typical iPhone charging device. Instead of using a power source, the drink coaster powers Apple devices through the magic of hot and cold drinks.

The iPhone coaster uses a heat engine to power a users smartphone while acting like a coaster.

Simply place a hot or cold beverage on the coasters surface, and let the coaster do all the work.

To charge your phone as fast as possible, the device works best with extremely hot or extremely cold drinks.

The Epiphany One Puck is not yet available, although a Kickstarter campaign is offering the opportunity to pre-order one of the devices for $115. Buyers on Kickstarter will also receive a customized iPhone coaster charger with engraved text.

The One Puck uses a Stirling engine, which employs a fixed amount of gas that is sealed inside. Changes in temperature create pressure, which in turns help power the unit.

The Stirling engine was created by Robert Stirling in the 1800s and is now being used for new high tech applications as green initiatives continue to flourish.

Epiphany President Tommy Joseph hopes the Stirling engine technology his company is using can eventually expand to larger appliances and ultimately to entire household electrical systems.

The Epiphany One Puck could make the perfect gift for the office worker in your life and for anyone who drinks a lot of coffee or iced tea.

Would you be willing to spend $115 to purchase an iPhone charger that also acts as a drink coaster?

You can watch a video of the technology @Mashable.