NBA Rumors: Trading Lonzo Ball Is The 'Worst Move' Lakers Could Make, Says LaVar Ball

Lorenzo Tanos

Despite the Los Angeles Lakers' recovery from a slow start -- and their insistence that they have no immediate plans of trading point guard Lonzo Ball or anyone else in their young core of players, the rumors are still swirling. And as far as his father, LaVar Ball, is concerned, the Lakers would truly be ill-advised to trade Lonzo to another team -- despite his well-documented struggles as one of the NBA's youngest starting point guards.

According to USA Today's Lonzo Wire, LaVar Ball appeared earlier this week on ESPN's Jalen and Jacoby to discuss the spate of trade rumors linking his eldest son to other NBA teams. The elder Ball told hosts Jalen Rose and David Jacoby that if Los Angeles decides to trade Lonzo, he would not directly object, but rather warn the team about the big mistake they might be making.

"I react to that the same way I told 'em before: If you want to trade my son, trade him. It'll be the worst move you do in your entire life, so I don't worry about no trade. I figure everybody's going to be where they supposed to be."

Not long after Turner's report for the Los Angeles Times, NBA insider Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson tweeted that the Suns are still "actively trying" to trade for Ball. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, such a trade, if it pushes forward, would potentially allow Phoenix to address its weakness at point guard, with Ball's pass-first tendencies theoretically meshing well with shooting guard Devin Booker's skill set as the team's top scorer.