Christopher Dorner In Mexico: Accused Killer May Already Be Gone

Former Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Dorner, who is now a fugitive and a suspect in three killings, may have already fled the country, according to a federal court document.

In a criminal complaint filed in federal court on February 7, Dorner is charged with fleeing the country to avoid persecution, reports NBC News. It says that there was reason to believe that he had crossed into Mexico. Interestingly, an affidavit included with the complaint (pdf here) was written on the same day that the search for Dorner led to his abandoned and burned truck in the mountain resort of Big Bear.

US Marshals Service Inspector Craig McClusky writes in the affidavit that “the recent observations of a suspect matching Dorner’s description attempting to flee to Mexico” and said “there is probable cause to believe that Dorner has moved and traveled in interstate and foreign commerce from California to Mexico” to avoid arrest and prosecution.

The manhunt for Dorner continued Monday, with police chasing multiple leads and sightings only to come up with nothing. So far the LAPD has received more than 600 tips on Dorner’s possible location, probably because of the $1 million reward they’ve placed on his head. As it often the case with such a hefty reward, the number of fraudulent leads might be inhibiting good police work.

Also Monday, the Riverside County District Attorney’s office filed a charge of murder against Dorner for the death of Officer Michael Crain, who was shot in what was described as an ambush, reports NY Daily. “We felt the state of the evidence dictated there was no reason to withhold filing charges,” Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach said. “He’s a felon at large.”

Do you think that Christopher Dorner has already fled to Mexico?

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