Christopher Dorner Buys Scuba Gear, Surveillance Video Shows

Christopher Dorner bought scuba gear two days before allegedly murdering a South California couple, adding a new twist to an already bizarre manhunt for the alleged cop killer.

The alleged cop killer, who is the subject of a massive manhunt across Southern California and Nevada, was caught on surveillance footage at a sporting goods store in Irvine purchasing the scuba gear. In the video, released by TMZ, Dorner has yellow scuba gear that includes two yellow tanks that he had loaded with oxygen.

Dorner, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer, allegedly has gone on a killing spree to avenge his 2008 firing and what he saw as unfair treatment from a reckless and out-of-control police department.

Before the alleged killing spree, he posted a 26-page manifesto on Facebook promising to enact revenge on those who had wronged him, listing many police officers by name. Strangely, Dorner has attracted a number of supporters, some of whom refer to him as a Dark Knight.

Some of his claims of brutality and lack of accountability against the LAPD appeared to be supported when officers twice opened fire on trucks they believed he was driving. In both instances, officers gave no warning, shooting and severely injuring innocent civilians who happened to be driving.

At the same time, the LAPD has decided to re-open his firing case, responding to his claims of racism.

So far, Dorner has been able to evade police, though they did find the charred remains of his pickup truck in a desolate area in Southern California.

In the video, Dorner buys the scuba year with cash and leaves, KTLA notes. Dorner was once a member of the Naval undersea warfare unit

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