3 Dead In Delaware Courthouse Shooting

Wilmington, DE – Three people are dead after a tragic shooting in a Delaware courthouse.

Roughly a day after the incident took place, authorities are still facing many questions about the fatal shooting at the New Castle County Courthouse. According to The Associated Press, an ongoing custody despite is what prompted the attack.

Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams said that one of the victims was the shooter’s former daughter-in-law. The man reportedly walked into the courthouse Monday morning and shot the woman and her friend with a semiautomatic pistol. After the suspect opened fire on police, the man was taken down.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell said in a statement:

“While this shooting is notable for the fact that it took place inside a state courthouse, there are some aspects of this incident that are, unfortunately, all too common. I am saddened that two more brave members of our law enforcement community have been injured in the line of duty. I am also saddened that this appears to be another example of a domestic situation that turned deadly.”

USA Today reports that 68-year-old Thomas F. Matusiewicz murdered former daughter-in-law Christine Belford over a custody dispute. Matusiewicz’s son David was at the courthouse that morning for a custody hearing. He was apprehended by police and questioned Monday night.

The shooter entered the building through a door leading to the parking garage. Once he had cleared the revolving doors, Matusiewicz reportedly began shooting his son’s ex-wife and her friend. Two police officers were also wounded during the incident.

Chick Chinski said of the incident:

“I just saw him walk in, point the gun and I heard the shots. The women went down. I saw the cop hit the floor, then I hit the floor, then everybody else was going down. There was maybe 50, 60 people in the lobby.”

An investigation into Delaware courthouse shooting is still underway. The building was still closed on Tuesday for repairs.

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]