3 Wounded In Delaware Courthouse Shooting, Suspect Dead

Wilmington, DE – Three people have reportedly been shot inside a courthouse early Monday morning. Authorities said the shooter is dead.

Police said two women and a man were shot at New Castle County Courthouse at around 8 am. According to CBS Philadelphia, one of the people injured during the shooting was a security guard. The victims were taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Very few details about the Delaware shooting are available as of this writing. Although authorities revealed that the suspect was dead, Police Corporal Jamaine Crawford didn’t say if the suspect’s death was self-inflicted.

Defense attorney Brian Chapman told NBC Philadelphia that there are usually around 10 police officers positioned at the entrance to the courthouse. He explained the only way to get inside with weapons is to get around the metal detectors or shoot the officers guarding the doors.

Chapman said:

“There are at least four or five rows of metal detectors when you go in, you put your belongings through, then you have to walk through the metal detectors. Then there are usually eight to 10 police with wands checking everyone and after that you still have to walk by a desk where capitol police sit.”

The Courier Post Online reports that several ambulances responded to the shooting at the courthouse. At least 30 police cars are said to be in the area. Officers quickly closed off streets and block off access to several blocks surrounding the location.

According to CNN, a round-table discussion about gun safety was scheduled to take place in Philadelphia on Monday. Vice President Joe Biden and several law enforcement officials were expected to be in attendance. The Wilmington police chief was also slated to participate in the discussion.

Conditions of the wounded are currently unavailable as of this writing. Authorities will likely release more details about the shooting in the Delaware courthouse later today.