Christopher Dorner Look-Alike Taking No Chances [Photo]

Christopher Dorner remains at large, with the alleged cop killer now the subject of one of the biggest manhunts ever. A $1 million reward has been offered for the fugitive, who has also been declared a drone target.

Hence, if you look a bit like Christopher Dorner and reside in southern California, you are forgiven for feeling slightly on edge.

The unnamed look-alike pictured above (who appeared in a Twitter image spotted by MSN Now) seems to have found a cheap and hopefully effective solution. Considering police have already shot innocent bystanders in their Dorner hunt, it’s probably not a bad idea.

Still, even such clearly drawn notices may not be enough. Two bystanders mistaken for Dorner and shot by cops last week turned out to be Latina women (thankfully, both survived). A man was also shot at by police on Thursday. Mercifully, the cops missed LAX baggage handler David Perdue.

Thirty-three-year-old Dorner is a former LAPD police officer and ex-United States Navy reservist who is a named suspect in a series of shootings that has left three people dead and two others wounded.

Dorner was fired from the LAPD on September 4, 2008 after filing a report on the conduct of fellow police officer, Teresa Evans. In the report, Dorner accused Officer Evans of kicking suspect Christopher Gettler in the face while he was handcuffed and lying on the ground.

Before going on his murderous rampage, Dorner posted a manifesto on his Facebook page maintaining his innocence and listing officers he planned to target.

Dorner also demanded a public admission by the LAPD that his 2008 firing was in retaliation for reporting excessive force.

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