‘Mission Complete’: See The Heartbreaking Image Of George HW Bush’s Service Dog Still Not Leaving His Side

A few days ago, the world lost a true legend and icon in former president George H.W. Bush as he died at the age of 94. There have been countless tributes paid to him on social media through statements and by gifts left for him in multiple locations. Those who knew him will never forget him, and that includes someone who was perhaps the closest to him in his final months–his service dog Sully.

Over the course of his last remaining months on this planet, Sully the service dog stayed by the side of the 41st president and helped him every single day. It was just back in June that the “beautiful” lab named Sully was introduced to the world by the former president.

Bush stated on his official Twitter account that Sully came to him from America’s VetDogs and that he was so “grateful.” The group provides service dogs to veterans in need and Bush was so honored to receive Sully and so appreciative of what the non-profit organization does for veterans.

After his passing on November 30, questions about what would happen to Sully were raised on social media. Even though it has been a couple of days since the 41st president passed away, Sully wasn’t yet ready to give up his post or leave the man he helped for months.

On Sunday evening, Bush spokesperson Jim McGrath posted a picture on Twitter that showcased the casket of former president George H.W. Bush. Laying in front of the casket was a sleeping Sully who was still at his side.

The image has brought forth a lot of compassion and sadness from those on Twitter, but many are also proud of Sully. Even though Bush is no longer of this world, his faithful companion has chosen to stay by his side and be with him as long as he’s able to do so.

The public will be able to pay their respects for the 41st president from 7:30 p.m. ET Monday to 8:45 a.m. ET Wednesday. Bush will lie in-state in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol until that time when family and friends will gather at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, for an 11 a.m. ET memorial service on Wednesday.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Sully will go on to help wounded soldiers with his time now done with the former president.

It’s been very hard on the friends and family of the 41st president, but the death of George H.W. Bush has been very difficult on many people around the world. He touched the souls and hearts of so many people, and the image of his service dog Sully laying next to his casket proves that he was important to both humans and the dog.

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