John Bradshaw Layfield Smack Talks Cody Rhodes On Twitter, Issues Apology


Yesterday, retired WWE Superstar John Bradshaw Layfield celebrated his birthday in a rather interesting way–by ripping into independent wrestling star and former WWE performer Cody Rhodes on Twitter.

In the tweets, JBL mostly talked about how he could take Cody in just about any match. Going further, he also talked about how he could defeat Cody’s “daddy” in a match, though mentions of Cody’s father have since been deleted.

Cody’s father is the late Dusty Rhodes, one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time.

JBL’s Twitter rampage started with him talking about the money he has riding on the Cowboys and how he “couldn’t get money on @CodyRhodes if I tried.”

It started off innocent enough, but then he got a little more personal. “Seriously. @CodyRhodes is a tool. Not in my league. I’m retired,” JBL said.

While he spent a lot of time tweeting about Cody, he added that his “Biggest bet is @dallascowboys at +8.5. @CodyRhodes is an afterthought.”

JBL deleted a few of the more choice tweets from his rant, but of course, an intrepid Reddit user was able to capture a screenshot of the tweets.

One of the deleted ones says “I’d kill @CodyRhodes. Please.” Another says, “but I could beat @CodyRhodes any day in any match, just like I could have beaten his daddy. It’s simple math.”

After deleting the tweets and having some time to think about it, JBL posted an apology, saying he was just “smack talking in the pro wrestling sense.”

JBL said, “Was having fun with Cody last night and said I’d kill Cody Rhodes, I obviously didn’t mean that literally. It was a very poor choice of words, I go way back with him and his family and I just was talking smack in a pro wrestling sense. I apologize for that poor choice of words.”

In a separate tweet, JBL said that he didn’t mean to disrespect Dusty and that he goes way back with the deceased legend. He summed up the Twitter tirade with, “It’s what happens when elation from a Cowboys win, my birthday, talking smack and booze mix.”

When asked if he had one too many drinks to celebrate, JBL said, “It was my birthday, of course it was one too many!”

For his part, Cody didn’t have much to say. He simply tweeted, “I’m thinking JBL had a few drinks tonight…” He also retweeted a fan who said that “old people shouldn’t have Twitter.”

Say what you will about the tweets, but if it leads to a JBL return in a match at All In 2 against Cody Rhodes, we most certainly wouldn’t complain.