Tyra Bank Hints That She Dated ‘A Very Famous Recording Artist’ That Slid Into Her DMs

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Tyra Banks recently revealed that she found love in her DMs!

Per an article by ET, the 44-year-old supermodel appeared on Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where she was asked how often people slide into her DMs on social media.

The model revealed that she loves DMs and said that she dated “a very famous recording artist because he hit [her] up in the DMs.”

“But I would go into the restaurant first and he would go in after or we would go into restaurants that nobody knows. To this day you guys don’t know that I dated this guy.”

After arousing everyone’s curiosity, Tyra decided not to reveal the mystery man’s name but chose to call him “DM slider.” When Andy Cohen and fellow guest Megan Fox tried to guess who the recording artist could be, she insisted that it wasn’t Drake.

Megan Fox pressed the subject again later in the show and noted that Banks was in one of Drake’s music videos. Per ET, Banks appeared in the music video of Drake’s 2016 song Child’s Play, where she was featured going on a disastrous date with the rapper.

“Another thing we know is that Drake’s taller than Tyra and Tyra’s about 5-foot-10,” Megan Fox said, per the report.

Once Banks was jokingly fed up with the endless guesses, she revealed that it was 50 Cent. “No, it wasn’t! It was MC Hammer!” Banks played around and didn’t reveal the identity of her ex.

Banks split with her photographer boyfriend Erik Asla last year after dating him for five years. The former couple — who met in 2013 — also share a baby together named York Banks Asla, who was born via surrogacy last January.

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Speaking about her breakup with Asla, a source told ET that the former couple split without having to go through any dramas.

“They are still friends and co-parenting their son, York, together.”

“Tyra is a very hands-on mom, so it is not surprising she would continue to co-parent with Erik,” the source added, per a separate article by ET. She also told the magazine in a previous interview that it was professionally beneficial for her to work with Asla.

“It’s so nice to be able to do things together because we love each other. I can be like, ‘I hate this shot, what is this?’ and he can be like, ‘You stand there and you stare into my camera.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t want to!’ and he’s like ‘You stay there!'”