Kristin Cavallari Says The Roles Have Switched With Jay Cutler Since His Retirement

Jeff SchearGetty Images

Kristin Cavallari has shown how to juggle several careers with ease, handling a successful business, a hit television show, and being a mother to three children. However, while speaking to People, Cavallari made it clear that none of it would be possible without her husband Jay Cutler.

While speaking to the publication at the Los Angeles pop-up show of her Uncommon James jewelry line, Cavallari said, “We’ve definitely switched roles which has been really interesting, but it’s great. I couldn’t do any of this without him. He’s home with the kids, picking the boys up from school and really allowing me to be able to have the time and freedom to do all this. He’s been really supportive.”

The 35-year-old Cutler’s career has taken a radical turn in the past year due to his retirement from a football career that consumed his time. During an episode of her show Very Cavallari, the two joked about Cutler’s newly found free time with their sons Camden, 6, Jaxon, 4, and daughter Saylor, 3.

Cavallari and her family have also relocated to a home in the countryside of Tennessee and Cavallari described the change in her life when she said, “I call him my farmhand because he’s been planting trees around the house. He’s been taking care of all the animals. I’m just giving him time. I’m not gonna pressure him. He worked his ass off for so many years, so I get that all he’s ever known is football. He’s gonna figure it out.”

Cutler has become a fan favorite due to his dry humor on Very Cavallari, and Cavallari says that the former Miami Dolphins quarterback has embraced his role as an entertainer, saying, “Coming from the football world where people didn’t get his personality, it’s been really nice for me and him [to have fans] appreciate him and see the real side of Jay. He’s been having fun with the show. Now that he sees he had a really positive reaction, he’s been having a good time with it.”

While the couple’s children are regularly spoken about on the show, they’ve made a point of keeping them out of the public eye despite the fact the kids are aware of their famous parents, saying, “We try to limit the time we shoot at home, and the boys are at school and Saylor takes a three-hour nap every day, but when they are home they love watching the monitors.”