WWE News: Alexa Bliss Returns To Training At WWE Performance Center


There’s been no shortage of speculation regarding the wrestling future of former Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, and it appears that’s coming to a head today, as Bliss posted a photo of herself training at the WWE Performance Center. Presumably, she’s in Florida working toward her in-ring return.

Alexa Bliss tweeted the photo of her in the ring with a trainer with the caption, “Day 1 #WWEPerformanceCenter.” She didn’t offer any indication of how long she’d be down in Florida working to make her return. Because it was only a photo and not a video of her training, we can’t tell whether she’s actually taking bumps and getting physical in the ring or if she’s just working on exercising and stamina at this point.

After Bliss went down to injuries with a series of concussions, the internet went crazy with rumors that she’d be forced to retire from professional wrestling, similar to the fate suffered by Daniel Bryan. Of course, Bryan was able to work his way back to ring through a series of tests and visits to multiple doctors and he’s in the middle of a fantastic heel run on SmackDown Live.

Alexa Bliss was forced to miss Evolution, the first ever all women’s PPV event hosted by the WWE because of her head injuries.

For her part, Bliss denied that she was retiring on multiple occasions, but that didn’t stop the speculation from running rampant.

When a Twitter user posted that “Alexa Bliss has failed another medical test, and is now in position to be the next general manager on the RAW brand…retirement is imminent…” Bliss responded, “…. I did..? I’m retiring?… This is how you tell me?!?!”

She went on and broke character to say, “sure sure… I’ll be back in the ring soon. Thank you tho.”

This week on Monday Night Raw, Bliss was given an on-screen authority role as the head of the Women’s Division, which caused even more speculation that she might not be able to return to the ring. However, Baron Corbin works as an active in-ring performer while serving as the show’s on-screen General Manager, so there’s no reason Alexa Bliss can’t perform a similar role.

Only time will tell when Bliss is able to make a return to the ring, but her coming back to the Performance Center can’t be taken as anything but a good sign. Hopefully we’ll hear more about her status in the near future, and more importantly, let’s hope she can stay healthy once she makes it back to the ring.