Kaia Gerber Closes Valentino Show In Giant Red Ruffled Dress

Slaven Vlasik / StringerGetty Images

Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, stunned in a pre-fall Valentino show in Tokyo, Japan, as one of the closers of the show. She wore an oversized, multi-layered ruffled, red dress. The collection was based on “wabi-sabi—a Japanese aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection,” according to Harper’s Bazaar.

And the general consensus among the fashion world seems to be that the show was a huge success, with the Daily Mail giving Valentino props for having a show in Tokyo that was inspired by a Japanese aesthetic.

When Kaia shared the moment on her Instagram, her fans reacted both positively and negatively. Some people let Gerber know that they absolutely loved the look, while others commented that “I don’t understand fashion,” along with other negative remarks. However, considering that the look was made for the runway, it had tons of drama to make it memorable. Plus, it was the most iconic of all of the outfits in the collection, since it was one of the closers that typically pack the biggest punch.

Notably, the other closer outfit was worn by another young, up-and-coming model, Adut Akech. She also wore a ruffled dress, except hers was an off-the-shoulder dress with a cinched waist.

Being the daughter of Crawford might have both its ups and downs. For one, people have high expectations for Kaia, whereas others might think that she might have it “easier” than others in the industry. However, many of Gerber’s fans believe in her for her abilities and hard work, which so far has gotten her very far. Even at her young age, she’s graced many international catwalks for the biggest names in fashion.

When Vogue asked about what it’s like to be Cindy’s daughter, Kaia revealed their down-to-earth relationship.

“She’s never given me a catwalk lesson. I’ve definitely watched her work, but we’re not at home just walking down the hallways of our house together!”

And like any daughter, Kaia admits to raiding her mom’s closet from time to time.

“We’re not the same shoe size which is upsetting because I thought I could steal all of her shoes, but I definitely take a lot of her vintage pieces – those are the most iconic.”

It’s not just the clothing pieces that are iconic, as Cindy arguably made a huge splash in the modeling industry at the height of her career. But it certainly looks like her daughter is well-prepared to continue the legacy.