Lady Colin Campbell Slams Haters Who Say Meghan Markle Was Right To Not Invite Her Family To The Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle’s family drama rages on, as Lady Colin Campbell released a Facebook statement that urged the duchess to mend relations with her family, as detailed by the Inquisitr. The comments section included people who agreed with Campbell, while others defended Meghan. Those who didn’t agree with Campbell cited the main reason that they think Meghan was right in not inviting her American family: It appears that the duchess didn’t have relations with them for potentially decades, and some cited articles that reported that her dad, Thomas, was absent from her first wedding.

After several people chimed in with their thoughts on the matter, Campbell posted a long response to further elaborate on her thought process for why she believes Meghan was in the wrong to exclude her family.

“It’s a well established fact of civilised life that all close relations are asked to attend a large wedding, irrespective of whether the family is close, gets along, or its members even speak to each other.”

Moreover, Campbell went on to speculate whether the acceptance of leaving out family members out of a large wedding is a Western, American way of thinking.

“The trendy Western Culture might believe it’s perfectly okay to leave your past behind, and with it your old family and friends, but those who dishonour their past dishonour themselves.”

Lady Colin added that relatives “should expect” to be invited to a large wedding, and that a bride and groom “should want” to invite the relatives to attend.

There have been many opinions on the Markle family drama, but this might be one of the first times that a public figure has suggested that the American family members ought to have been invited per societal protocols. And if you were to agree with Campbell’s point of view, the argument that Meghan did or did not have a good relationship with her family doesn’t seem to matter.

None of this would have likely transpired had Meghan’s nephew, Tyler Dooley, not accepted a position on MTV’s new show The Royal World. The show was shot over the summer and brought together some lesser-known royals to spend time together. Tyler is the only cast member who isn’t a royal of one sort of another, but his ties to Meghan were lucrative enough to have him on the show.

And as was expected, Tyler has revealed his side of the story in the debacle. Who knows if any of Campbell or Tyler’s opinions will eventually sway the duchess to change her tune, but so far, the royals have stayed silent on the American family drama.