Lady Colin Campbell Urges Meghan Markle To End The ‘Regrettable’ Family Feud

Meghan Markle’s family feud has been ongoing since before the royal wedding in May. Plenty of people have chimed in with their opinions on the matter, with everyone pointing fingers and trying to figure out who is to blame. The entire debacle was seemingly kicked off when half-sister Samantha reportedly encouraged their dad, Thomas, to accept cash for staged paparazzi photos. The gesture was a huge snub to the royal family, while Samantha has defended the choice, saying it was an opportunity to cast Thomas in a better light. The argument was that Thomas was being portrayed negatively in the tabloids up until that point.

Recently, nephew Tyler Dooley has jumped onto the scene with an appearance in MTV’s The Royal World, where he sat down with Lady Colin Campbell to talk about his side of the family drama. Campbell has now published a long post on Facebook, calling on the duchess to end the feud once and for all.

The short clip reveals an exchange between Tyler and Campbell, as the latter speculated that the problems began not with the paparazzi, but with a lack of an invitation for the Markle clan to the royal wedding.

However, it’s hard to know for sure. Thomas was supposed to walk Meghan down the aisle, and there were reports that Harry and Meghan were willing to look past her dad’s paparazzi slip-up. However, Thomas was forced to pull out of the wedding at the last minute, due to having to undergo heart surgery; he is believed to have watched the wedding on TV as he recuperated.

Since the wedding, Meghan reportedly hasn’t reached out to her father, which has caused a greater problem as Thomas and Samantha took to the media to send messages to the duchess.

Throughout it all, the royals have stayed silent about the drama. Lady Campbell suggests that Meghan would have invited her family had she known what sorts of problems it would have caused. Undoubtedly, royal fans will debate this theory in the coming days.

“[I] only hope [Meghan] will employ some of the undoubted intelligence, charm, social skills and dignity she so obviously possesses, to bring this regrettable public breach to an end. ALL the families deserve this: her father’s, her mother’s, the Royal Family.”

With that being said, Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, who was present at the wedding, is believed to have received an invite to the royal Christmas celebrations. She is also expected to spend lots of time with her future grandchild after Meghan and Harry move to Windsor Castle.