Trump Campaign Aide Admits There Really Was A ‘Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy’ Against Hillary Clinton All Along

Trump Campaign Aide Admits There Really Was A 'Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy' Against Hillary Clinton All Along
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for Glamour

There may have actually been a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against Hillary Clinton after all.

The claim, which had been repeated by Clinton to explain decades of fierce opposition, had long been mocked by conservatives, but Donald Trump’s former deputy campaign manager may have accidentally admitted that it was indeed real. David Bossie, a top Trump aide during the 2016 presidential campaign, appeared on Fox News Sunday and seemed to give credence to the idea that conservatives have spent years trying to tear down Clinton.

“There is a vast left-wing conspiracy that has been going on since the president won this election,” David Bossie said (via Newsweek).

“All throughout the transition and during his first two years. A vast left-wing conspiracy, very similar words to what Hillary Clinton called a vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Host Chris Wallace tried to interject and say that the idea of a conspiracy against Clinton “didn’t turn out to be true,” but Bossie stuck by his claim.

“No, it was true. Chris, there was an effort by the conservative movement to undermine President Clinton.”

Hillary Clinton raised the idea of the conspiracy in 1998, as Republicans were leading impeachment efforts against her husband’s presidency. In a nationally televised interview on the Today show, Clinton said that her husband was the victim of a “politically motivated” prosecutor who was part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” the Washington Post noted.

“I think as this matter unfolds, the entire country will have more information, but we’re right in the middle of a feeding frenzy right now, and people are putting out rumor and innuendo,” she said, telling the press to “just to be patient, take a deep breath, and the truth will come out.”

The campaign to impeach Bill Clinton ended when the U.S. Senate voted to acquit him, and his popularity soared after the impeachment scandal. Donald Trump has not enjoyed a similar bump amid his own political investigation. As the Russia investigation continues to expand and has picked off a number of members of his inner circle, Trump has seen his approval ratings linger in the high-30s and low 40s.

But Trump has still found a popular target in Hillary Clinton. Though Trump defeated her in 2016 and she has reiterated that there are no plans to run for president again, Clinton has remained in Trump’s sights as he continues to launch attacks via Twitter. This weekend, he accused Clinton of “monetizing political influence” through her foundation — a charge that comes as Trump’s own foundation is facing a lawsuit from the state of New York, claiming that Trump used it as a personal bank account.