Here’s How Chip & Joanna Gaines Feel About Selling Their Farmhouse

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Joanna and Chip Gaines have called their iconic shiplap-covered farmhouse in Waco, Texas their family home for half a decade now. Given Joanna’s creativity, budding style, and growing family, some often wonder if she and Chip ever think about selling that iconic farmhouse for a larger home to serve as a blank canvas for her to redesign.

According to Country Living, selling their farmhouse and purchasing something new isn’t something Joanna thinks about. She, however, did admit to the publication that you can’t rule the idea out altogether as you “never know with Chip.”

“But we definitely feel like this is our forever home,” Gaines continued to explain.

She added, “The kids love it. We can’t imagine being anywhere else!”

Gaines explains part of the reason she likely doesn’t feel the urge to seek out a blank canvas to design a new living space for her growing family is because it is something she gets to do every time she takes on a new renovation project or works with someone on a design.

“I think that’s what’s so fun about working with clients—it gets the itch out.”

She added, “We’ve built a few homes this past year. We did a modern house, we did a traditional house—and I get to work on all these different styles, so to me, that’s where I get to play.”

While Gaines has no interest in packing up and moving to a new home, she’s not opposed to redesigning the spaces in their Waco farmhouse to continue to fit the needs of her growing family.

As those who follow the Fixer Upper couple know, Chip and Joanna welcomed their fifth child into the world earlier this year. Baby Crew became the newest member of the family on June 21. Since his birth, Joanna hasn’t been able to stop talking about him on social media.

Just a few days ago, Gaines gushed over how adorable baby Crew was as he recently became interested in a blankie.

“I can’t handle it,” the mom-of-five exclaimed.

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About four weeks ago, Chip and Joanna also opened up about how little they get to hold baby Crew because of how obsessed his older siblings have become with holding him. According to the Gaines, the older siblings make a habit of lining up after they wake up in the morning to take turns holding, playing with, and caring for their new baby brother.