Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Children ‘Fight Over’ Baby Crew, And Here’s Why

As those who follow Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines know, they recently welcomed a new addition into their family. Four months ago, the HGTV couple gave birth to their son, Crew.

In a home that now has five little ones running around, the duo revealed their other four children haven’t stopped arguing since baby Crew joined the family. Unlike other large families, however, the arguments aren’t stemming from the jealousy and sibling rivalry you would expect.

According to Country Living, Chip and Joanna recently opened up about what their home experience was currently like with a new baby being added to the mix during their annual Silobration event that takes place at Magnolia Market. This year marked the fourth annual event.

The DIY geniuses – who have four additional children ranging between the ages of 8 to 13 – claim the older siblings actually bicker over getting baby Crew’s attention. Namely, they argue about who gets to hold him. In fact, Joanna even revealed she and Chip don’t even hold the baby too often because he is always in the arms of one of his loving siblings.

“We never get to carry the baby because from the time I wake up, they get in line. Drake’s number one, Ella’s number two—they fight over who gets to hold him all morning, all night. It’s so sweet,” Joanna explained during a brief event speech.

The couple has had a pretty eventful year. In addition to bringing baby Crew into the world, they also said goodbye to their long-running TV show, Fixer Upper, which aired its very last episode in April of this year. Fixer Upper coming to the close wasn’t all bad as it gave the Gaines more time to focus on their children.

Despite all the changes in their lives, The Magnolia Market creators told fans and event goers that this year has been one of the best that they have had in some time.

“Something about enjoying these simpler moments with our family is better than any mountain-top journey we could be on. It’s been a really sweet past year.”

As her 8.8 million Instagram followers know, Joanna has never been shy about sharing memorable moments with her children and her husband Chip on social media. So, following her – and Chip – on Instagram is a great option for Fixer Upper fans looking to keep tabs on the couple.

Even with the age gap between baby Crew and the rest of his siblings, everyone appears to be getting along great based on what Chip and Joanna said during the event and their adorable photo updates on social media.

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