Silas Howard Will Direct Gay Conversion Horror Movie Titled 'Moonshadow'

Gunpowder & Sky has collaborated with Nonetheless Productions and YOMYOMF to create a movie titled Moonshadow, which will be a cinematic horror drama that focuses of the topic of gay conversion therapy, reports the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News and Bloody Disgusting. Creative Director at YOMYOMF, Philip W. Chung has spoken out, saying that Moonshadow will in fact be a mainstream film; however, he says the movie will be "profoundly relatable" to the LGBT community.

Ernesto Foronda and Daniel Foerste are penning the script for the upcoming film. The director of Pose — which Time Magazine listed as one of the top 10 best television shows of 2018 — and Transparent, Silas Howard, has been selected as director for Moonshadow. He has made his own statements about the film, saying that he feels it is "critical to be a part of the conversation" in regard to the battle over human rights amid the transgender and gay community.

"With a battle over transgender rights playing out on the national stage, and as a member and advocate of the trans community, I feel it is critical to be a part of the conversation. The current generation of young people is living with entirely new expectations about gender and sexuality, and Moonshadow is for them."
The plot of Moonshadow centers on a transgender teenager who is sent away by family to a camp, where it is discovered that so-called "patients" are being experimented on and turned into monsters. Chung believes the film is "compelling," but works very well as pure horror entertainment. The horrors commented on in the film, some abstracted, are nonetheless those faced by many people in our real world, and Chung thinks Moonshadow will do a wonderful job at giving some insight into these struggles.
"What's compelling about this project is that it works as a purely entertaining horror film that fans of the genre can enjoy on its own terms, while also providing insight into the struggles facing the trans community today. The most interesting horror films share a subversive streak; they use their fictional horrors to comment on the horrors of our real world and with our talented Moonshadow collaborators, we hope to continue that tradition."
Nonetheless Productions' Ki Jin Kim and Giulia Caruso have also stated their beliefs on the importance of this movie. They both have said they are honored to be trusted with helping to work on the film, and are simultaneously proud of the part they are able to play on what they've referred to as an "incredible team."

Meanwhile, LGBT advocate Waylon Jordon, who also happens to be a huge horror film fan, has written about his own excitement for Moonshadow on iHorror. As noted in his article, the film is certainly off to a great start with having "both a trans director and a trans co-writer working on the project."