Paris Hilton Is Seen Without Engagement Ring After Chris Zylka Breakup

Krista Clark

Three days after news of her split from fiance Chris Zylka, Paris Hilton was spotted in an airport in Melbourne, Australia. The socialite wore a black baseball cap, black long-sleeved top, black jeans, and dark sunglasses, and seemed unfazed by the recent breakup as she sported a smile and appeared relaxed and happy as she made her way through the airport. Noticeably absent from her ensemble was the now-famous massive engagement ring she wore during her engagement to Zylka, which Entertainment Tonight Online reported is worth $2 million. Although the couple's split became public just days ago, sources report that they actually went their separate ways weeks ago when Hilton decided that the relationship had moved too quickly and that Zylka was not the right person for her to settle down with.

Hilton and the actor/model dated for over two years after meeting at Art Basel in Miami, Florida. Entertainment Tonight previously reported that they became engaged in January during a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado. Hilton seemed thrilled.

"I am so excited to be engaged to the love of my life and my best friend. I have never felt so happy, safe and loved. He is perfect for me in every way and showed me that fairytales really do exist!"

"I think she's one of the most intellectual women I've ever met, just taking advice from her in every aspect. I think the better question is what don't you like [about her] and there's nothing."

Some friends of Hilton, however, say that she had been unhappy with their relationship for a while, adding that they "came from two different worlds" and that Hilton footed the bill for everything they did. One friend said that, "Most of her friends thought she would realize at some point that she was too good for him."

So what's to become of that stunning 20-carat ring? Page Six reported that Zylka wants it back, despite the fact that he didn't pay for it. That's right. He didn't pay for it. No one paid for it. The ring was given to Hilton at no cost by jeweler and Hilton friend Michael Greene, which makes it a gift to Hilton, which means she will keep the ring.