Automated PhotoPass Cameras Already Being Installed At Some Walt Disney World Meet-And-Greet Locations

Danny Cox

Technology is always advancing and The Walt Disney Company is going to make sure that they keep up with the latest and best. Last week, it was revealed that many character meet-and-greet locations at Walt Disney Would would soon have automated cameras taking over for PhotoPass photographers. While the majority of the locations are set to begin with those cameras in 2019, some of the technology is already being installed.

While some speculation has been flying around, it is not true that all PhotoPass photographers are being replaced. There will still be plenty of cast members with cameras in their hands all around Walt Disney World, but the character interactions are what will be different.

As reported by My News 13, automated cameras will end up replacing the photographers at select character meet-and-greet locations. Disney has indeed confirmed this change and it has been said that all of the changes will officially begin in the early part of 2019.

There will be nine locations total making the switch around all of Walt Disney World property. Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom and Adventurers Outpost in Disney’s Animal Kingdom are two of the locations, and the cameras are actually already in place with testing to begin soon.

While many guests are against this move as they don’t like the idea of real people being entirely replaced by technology, Disney states it will bring about a better experience. Disney says that the new automated cameras will allow guests the chance to choose from a wider variety of character photos than what they’ve had in the past.

The camera boxes will use artificial intelligence software to not only take posed shots of guests with characters but also candid shots. That has been one of the greatest complaints on social media as guests feel that the candid shots will disappear, but Disney insists they won’t.

One thing is that the camera boxes will be stationary and not able to move or rotate in any direction. That being said, guests and the characters in the room will need to make sure that they are facing the camera, especially for the posed photos, in order to be in view of the shot/lens.

Around Walt Disney World, there will be dozens and dozens of cast members in the position of Disney PhotoPass photographers. Guests will still find them outside, around certain attractions, and even with some characters. At this point, it is only going to be nine indoor character locations with the automated cameras, but they are most certainly coming and will arrive soon.