California Community Rallies To Provide Thanksgiving Dinner To Those Affected By Wildfires

Justin Sullivan Getty Images

California has endured some of the most destructive and deadliest wildfires of all time this month. As a result, many are left out of their homes as well as some grieving loved ones lost during the tragedy. It will be a difficult holiday season for the state of California after so much loss. Nevertheless, the community is coming together to make sure that everyone can have a little bit of joy this holiday season.

According to Today, people from all walks of life, from celebrity chefs to concerned neighbors, joined together to provide a Thanksgiving meal to wildfire survivors. For those that have no kitchen or even a home to gather in for Thanksgiving this year, this generosity came at the perfect time. Famous chefs José Andrés and Guy Fieri are just a couple of those that offered a hand. This isn’t the first time Andrés has assisted survivors during this tragedy. He witnessed the destruction of the disaster known as the Camp Fire, firsthand. He was waiting at California State University earlier this month when hungry survivors came in search of shelter and food. He oversaw food preparation and offered support to those who had been through so much.

“You feel for the people who had to go through it,” he said. “We hope that plate of food gives them a sense that America cares for them.”

Chef Fieri is hoping that more will be inspired to help in any way they can. You don’t have to donate money to be of assistance during this time. Coming out to volunteer, whether it be in support of the firefighter or the survivors themselves, is just as appreciated.

“When you notice this happening,” Fieri said of the Camp Fire, “you just gotta come and help. We need more coming together.”

On Thursday, hundreds gathered at the campus again to share in a Thanksgiving meal. The organizers of the event expected to serve over 15,000 plates of food before the day was over. Meanwhile, around 500 more people flocked to Oroville Rescue Mission on Wednesday for an early Thanksgiving meal. Many have found food and shelter at the mission, as well as a sense of support.

Despite the loss, the community is showing survivors that there is still hope in the wake of tragedy.