Christopher Dorner Manhunt: $1 Million Reward Expected To Be Announced

Ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner will soon have a $1 million bounty on his head. According to sources close to law enforcement, the money will be used to help authorities track down their top fugitive.

Hundreds of police officers began searching for Dorner last week after the 33-year-old former LAPD officer shot and killed three people. Among those deaths was an active police officer. Two other people were injured during Dorner’s shooting attacks.

In an 11-page manifesto, Dorner claims he will kill officers and their family members for what he sees as an unfair layoff in 2009.

The $1 million reward fund will be contributed to by the LAPD, various other law enforcement agencies, private groups, and anonymous donors.

Law enforcement officials have already raised $500,000 of the $1 million bounty goal.

According to reports, the $1 million reward will be announced during Sunday’s 1 pm (PST) news conference at the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

“The news conference will be attended by law enforcement officials from Los Angeles, Riverside and Irvine, according to a statement. Officials from the FBI and U.S. marshal’s office will be on hand.”

Police officials, in the meantime, continue their door-to-door campaign in the hopes of turning up leads and discovering Christopher Dorner’s location. While police originally focused their efforts on the San Diego area, they have since branched out to include surrounding areas and the Mexico-California border.

Police are warning anyone with information to not approach Christopher Dorner. The ex-cop is a highly trained shooter, earning his rifle marksman ribbon and pistol expert medals while serving in the Navy.

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