Accused Killer Chris Dorner Called ‘Hero’ On Twitter, ‘Dark Knight’ On Facebook

Supporters of Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer turned “cop killer,” have come out in droves on social media, setting up Facebook fan pages and calling him a “hero” on Twitter for his nine-page manifesto regarding racism and corruption in the LAPD.

Eerily overlapping with the habits of James Holmes’ minor fanbase, Dorner’s supporters are calling the alleged murderer a “Dark Knight,” with one Facebook page borrowing a line from the 2008 film The Dark Knight:”[He’s] the hero LA deserves, but not the one it needs right now … He’s a silent guardian, watchful protector against corruption, he’s our Dark Knight.”

Dorner, for his part, has declared “war” on the LAPD, killing three individuals and wounding two others with sniper fire thus far, reports MSN. The former Navy reservist is still on the run, and most Americans are horrified by his alleged crime spree.

Dorner’s supporters are also somewhat different than those of Aurora shooter James Holmes. While the “Holmies” exhibit a disturbing fascination with the killer himself, those in Dorner’s corner are more concerned with the social and political issues that the accused killer is critical of in his manifesto, reports The Huffington Post.

His supporter’s contend that the media should turn their attention to police brutality and corruption instead of the manhunt for Dorner.

You can visit the Dorner Facebook fanpage discussed above here, or check out some supportive tweets about him below:

What do you think of Christopher Dorner? Hero, or villain?

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