Ohio Mayor Resigns Over Gay Slurs

An Ohio mayor has reportedly resigned after using gay slurs in reference to one of town’s employees.

Village of Pomeroy Mayor Mary McAngus turned in her resignation on Friday after reports surfaced that she had didn’t like gay people working for the government. According to The Associated Press, McAngus is accused of creating a hostile work environment after calling a gay police officer “queer” in front of his co-workers.

Village council president and acting mayor Jackie Welker said:

“It just seems so absurd, even in our town in Appalachia, that this could still happen. Hopefully this resignation will start the healing.”

Although McAngus decided to quit her job, she didn’t apologize for the way she had treated Police Officer Kyle Calendine. The resignation letter was only a few sentences long. However, she did state that she had enjoyed the 14 months as the Village’s mayor.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that McAngus called Officer Calendine a “queer” in front of his colleagues. She also told Police Chief Mark Proffitt that “she didn’t like a queer working for the village.”

Proffitt explained:

“We look forward to getting this behind us. We support our police chief and his department and have all the confidence in the world in what they do. We’re sorry this all happened.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that everything seemed to go fine for Officer Calendine during the early days of his employment. He said during a recent interview that things started to sour once the mayor discovered that he is gay.

Calendine said of the incident:

“She was even in the hiring process and she seemed fine. A few weeks later you know, she finds out I’m gay and tries to get me fired because she doesn’t like who I am outside of work.”

Regarding a potential lawsuit, the officer explained:

“For someone in a place of power to say something like that, that’s shocking. She needs to know that she done wrong and in a way, she needs to be punished for what she’s done because it was completely out of line. My rights were violated.”

What do you think about the Ohio mayor who resigned for using gay slurs?

[Image by Remarkable Ohio]