Prince William Speaks About The Need For Men To Be Open About Their Mental Health Struggles

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Royal watchers have had plenty to keep them entertained this year. But from time to time, the royals take on an important aspect of their job by championing a cause that is bigger than them and can be of benefit to all. That is exactly what Prince William was up to in London at the first This Can Happen conference. People reports, “Prince William Reveals How Having Children of His Own Intensified His Mental Health Struggles.”

“William joined a session on mental health and took part in an interactive training workshop being piloted by a selection of companies in Britain as part of an effort to recognize the well-being of staff.

“It’s important we start this momentum where we all take mental health more seriously,” said Prince William. “We all have mental health. Just as we look after our physical health, we look after our mental health.”

Prince William said many things that mental health workers have been stressing for many years. He noted that male workers are far less likely to seek mental health when needed than female coworkers.

Willam suggested that there needed to be improvements in the workplace so that men felt more comfortable sharing problems with HR in a more open door fashion. He called for a more understanding and supportive environment.

Prince William has been open about his mental health struggles in the past. During his time as a first responder, he disclosed that he took a lot of work home with him. He noted that in the emergency services, you are always dealing with despair and sadness. It builds up and one never gets to offload it.

The prince is already a parent. He confessed to feeling like his past work took a toll on him when he and Kate “welcomed children of their own.” Jobs involving trauma have a way of staying with you. And that trauma needs to be dealt with.

William spoke of how his empathy became a double-edged sword. One needs empathy to work in traumatic situations. But he started feeling things he had never felt before and felt particularly burdened over the plight of a particular family.

Parenting is always challenging. It can make existing mental health more difficult to deal with whether male or female. It would be a mistake to assume that the life of a royal made them immune from everyday parenting and mental health concerns. Prince William reminds us that we are not alone. And by speaking out, help is near at hand.