Six-Year-Old Zynae Green Suffered Brain Damage After Being Electrocuted By Handrail At MGM Resort, Suit Claims

Michael Neil ThomasGetty Images

Zynae Green had no idea that the handrail she touched at an MGM resort was electrified, and now the parents of the 6-year-old girl said she will never be the same after the massive shock she received.

Green’s parents have filed a lawsuit against the MGM National Harbor hotel in Oxon Hill, Maryland, claiming that the shock the girl received left her with debilitating brain damage. As the New York Post reported, the girl is now unable to walk or talk on her own and doctors believe she will never regain the function she lost.

The incident took place in June when the girl reportedly touched a railing near a lit water fountain and was shocked with 120 volts of electricity. It took the girl’s mother and a security guard to pry her from the railing, the lawsuit says, and the girl went into cardiac arrest afterward. The jolt of electricity was so strong that the security guard who helped to rescue the girl was also shocked and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Fox 5 D.C. reported.

Zynae Green was rushed to the hospital afterward, where doctors were able to get her heart started again, but the damage she suffered was severe. Green spent two months in the hospital before she was transferred to an acute-care center in Baltimore, the New York Post reported.

At the time of the accident, MGM released a statement calling it a “horrible accident.”

“This is a horrible accident and we are heartbroken. We offer our support and prayers for the family. We are fully cooperating with the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department to investigate the incident that occurred at an outdoor area of our resort last night. That area has been closed to the public while investigators and our engineers conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation.”


The lawsuit claims that MGM was in a rush to complete the resort in 2016 after the state of Maryland legalized gambling and that the handrail had nearly 10 times the amount of electricity needed for its lights.

The parents of Zynae Green said she will never be able to recover from the brain damage she suffered as a result of the shock. They claimed that MGM has not made any offer to help and has paid no money toward the girl’s medical bills. But a representative for MGM told the New York Post that the claim was untrue.

MGM said it was committed to working with the family of Zynae Green to reach a settlement. It is not clear exactly how much money the family is seeking in the lawsuit.