Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Reveal Baby Felicity’s First Time Seeing Snow

Jinger Duggar and her family.
TLC / TLC Press

Jinger Duggar did some traveling these past few days along with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and baby girl, Felicity Nicole. The family took a trip to Jeremy’s home state of Pennsylvania to not only visit with his parents, but also to attend the SWAN 4 Kids Make an Extraordinary Difference Gala on November 15. This was also the first time that they attended this special event with a baby in tow.

Both Jinger and Jeremy were able to post a few photos of Felicity enjoying her time in Pennsylvania. In one particular snapshot, her daddy posted on Instagram and it is the cutest thing ever. The 4-month-old is seen sitting in an airplane while looking out the window. It looks like maybe they were getting ready to take off to go back home. Felicity is wearing a nice warm knit cap with a big pom on top. She is staring out at the snow that had accumulated while they were there.

The baby is experiencing snow for the very first time. Of course, she won’t be getting too many snowflakes living in Texas, so this is a treat for her. Jeremy captioned the photo saying, “It’s cold out there, Felicity. *Her first time seeing snow*.”

Felicity also got to spend some quality time with grandpa and grandma Vuolo. It was a short visit, but it looked like they enjoyed every minute that they could spend with her. Jinger Duggar snapped a photo of them with their granddaughter. She wrote, “Goodbyes are never easy.”

Jinger and Jeremy are very involved with SWAN 4 Kids. The people who came out to the event got to meet them and see the children whose lives have been changed. The program was created by Jeremy’s mother, Diana Vuolo, as a way to use music to help kids with parents who have been incarcerated. It has been quite a successful program and the gala is a time to showcase the talents of these young kids, as well as raise funds for the program.

Felicity may have been the center of attention as well. She looks like she was having fun seeing all of the action going on and smiling at the other young people there. Now they have headed back home to Texas.

Jinger Duggar has been sharing plenty of sweet photos of Felicity, and so has Jeremy. There should be more on the way soon enough. More of the Vuolo family will be seen when the new season of TLC’s Counting On airs sometime next year.