Father Of Three Accidentally Shoots And Kills Wife While Cleaning His Gun

Helen Storms

A New York science teacher is now dealing with unfathomable guilt after he accidentally shot and killed his beloved 34-year-old wife Ashley Rosenbrock. Thirty-five-year-old Eric Rosenbrock was doing usual maintenance on his legally owned handgun Thursday night when a round discharged unexpectedly. The bullet struck Ashley who later died at Saratoga Hospital.

In a press release, Major Robert E. Patnaude of the New York State Police said, "At approximately 10:30 PM, 35 year old Eric Rosenbrock was performing maintenance on his legally possessed handgun when a round was discharged that struck his wife, 34 year old Ashley Rosenbrock."

According to People, the couple shared three children together and had already been through an unspeakable tragedy in their lives. Just five years ago, their 18-month-old daughter Vivienne died of sepsis pneumonia. Following their loss, the couple took part in fundraisers to honor their daughter's memory.

Those that know the family say that they have simply experienced too much pain. Neighbors call the family goodhearted people who have been through more tragedy in their lives than anyone should ever have to endure.

"They're a happy family, a good family. My heart, my heart breaks for them. They're just good people, good people," Michael Knapp, who lives nearby the Rosenbrocks, said in an interview. "It's been too much tragedy for them," Knapp added. "Too much tragedy." The couple was reportedly "picture perfect" and had met at United Methodist Church where Ashley was a teacher. They were active church-goers and many talked of their very evident love for one another and their children. Family friends and neighbors say they had never heard or seen the couple have any sort of fight.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, Eric has reportedly been cooperative with the police. He was questioned extensively by police late Thursday and Friday. An autopsy was performed on Ashley's body on Saturday by Dr. Michael Sikirica. He found the results of the autopsy to correspond with Eric's explanation of what happened as well as what police discovered during the investigation."The results of the autopsy are consistent with the information and evidence that has been discovered to this point in the investigation," the press release concluded.

Although the shooting is currently being considered an accident, it's possible that Eric could later face charges for negligence or even manslaughter.