Kenya Moore Shares Behind The Scenes Look A Her C-Section In New Instagram Post

Kenya Moore
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Kenya Moore seems overjoyed to be a new mom. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star paid a heartfelt tribute to her husband Marc Daly on Instagram for being the father of her newborn child. The photo looks to be a behind the scenes shot of the delivery room. In it, you can see Daly dressed in scrubs as he supports his wife.

“It all started with you,” Moore writes in the caption. “If I had not met my king I would not have become a mother to the most beautiful baby I have ever seen I am so thankful for you,” she added.

As People Magazine reports, Moore gave birth to her daughter, Brooklyn Doris Daly via emergency C-section. The C-section was necessary because the reality TV star had developed preeclampsia, a condition that can lead to the deaths of the mother and child.

Before the birth, Moore shared a photo of her swollen feet with her millions of followers and indicated that she was dealing with complications.

“I gained 17 lbs in ONE week due to severe swelling and water retention, high blood pressure, and excess protein in urine. This is NOT normal!” she wrote.

In the next photo posted after that, Moore is in the hospital getting ready to bring little Brooklyn into the world.

“If you want to make God laugh have a plan… won’t be long now. Pray for us,” she wrote.

In subsequent posts, Moore revealed that she “lost a lot of blood” during the C-section and will need lots of time to recover. In the caption of a video of her traveling the aisles of a Target in a motorized chair, she discloses that the pain from the surgery means that she’s still struggling to walk properly.

The emergency C-section means that Brooklyn Daly was born premature and Moore said she was in Target to get some preemie clothes.

The former beauty queen has been open about her struggles to become pregnant.

In an interview with Oprah Magazine, More revealed that she discovered that she had fibroids in her early 30s. Although fibroids are benign tumors in the uterus, they can make conceiving a child difficult. Moore then considered alternative options for having a child.

“It was overwhelming,” she said. “Should I freeze my eggs to use with my future husband? Wait for the right partner and just consider adoption one day? Surrogacy? I had no idea what to do.”

She eventually chose to undergo IVF treatments. The first round failed but the second one resulted in the Brooklyn Daly’s conception, allowing Moore to live her dream of becoming a mother.