Kylie Jenner Shares Instagram Photo With Stormi

Lately, Kylie Jenner has been wooing fans on Instagram with quick snaps of Travis Scott and baby Stormi. As Hollyscoop reported recently, Jenner is determined to give Stormi as normal a life as possible. Thus far, Kylie has proven to be a very hands on type of mother, which her fans seem to adore. She frequently posts pictures to her various social media accounts, showing off Stormi, Travis, and their various family antics together. Earlier today, Jenner yet again posted a photograph of baby Stormi and herself staring into a mirror.

Baby Stormi is now nine months old, and has already had a childhood filled with limelight and a flashy lifestyle. Despite this, it seems that Kylie and Travis are shaping up to be wonderful and normal first time parents, a source told US Weekly. Travis previously told Cosmopolitan that he was worried about having a daughter so young. Travis Scott is 26-years-old and Kylie is 21-years-old; however, they have been figuring things out as they go.

“Even though they have flashy lives themselves, they are trying to bring Stormi up to be as normal as possible.”

The most recent picture to hit Instagram is less glitz and glamour, and is purely a mother daughter moment. Kylie stands, holding Stormi on her hip and smiling affectionately at her child, and Stormi is of course smiling back at her mother. The simple image looks to be taken in front of a restroom sink and is very casual, but does exemplify the love Kylie feels for her daughter in a quick stolen moment of joy. Jenner captioned the image saying, “Ugh i love you so much. a living breathing piece of my heart,” and topped the post off with a black heart emoji.

It seems to be all about baby Stormi lately, and Travis and Kylie are making sure to capture every moment with their first child. Sources at US Weekly reported in another article that the two celebrities are actively attempting to have more children. The baby bug has certainly bitten Kylie and Travis.

So far the picture of Kylie and Stormi has gotten over 2 million likes in just a little over 20 minutes, and has received over 13,700 comments. The comments section is oozing with heart emojis and compliments for both mother and daughter. One Instagram user remarked on Stormi’s Nike shoes. Other remarked on how cute Kylie and Stormi looked.