Eminem’s Machine Gun Kelly Diss Track, ‘Killshot,’ Used A Beat Originally Intended For Rapper Giggs

Dave J. HoganGetty Images

In terms of sheer numbers, Eminem’s Machine Gun Kelly diss track, “Killshot,” won the day. “Killshot” broke the YouTube record for being the biggest debut for a hip-hop song in the platform’s history, garnering more than 38 million views in less than 24 hours. To date, the video tops more than 187 million views while Machine Gun Kelly’s Eminem diss, “Rap Devil,” has only reached 160 million.

MGK’s recent EP, Binge, went on to be a critical and commercial failure.

Since Eminem’s verbal bashing of Machine Gun Kelly, even going so far as to drag P. Diddy into the mix, MGK has gone mostly silent on the rivalry, causing many fans to declare Eminem the victor in that public squabble.

Recently, however, new information has come to light about Eminem’s overwhelmingly popular indictment of all things MGK. It turns out the instrumental for “Killshot” was created by hip-hop producer IllaDaProducer. The beat was originally conceived as an instrumental for rapper Giggs, which Giggs initially passed on, according to a recent report from DJBooth.

Since then, the beat sat idle for some time before the Eminem’s beef with MGK began heating up. IllaDaProducer elaborated that he knew the beat would go to Eminem for “Killshot,” the same day MGK dropped the video for “Rap Devil.”

“When I originally started the beat for ‘Killshot,’ it was actually for Giggs. He always asked me for these horror movie beats. That’s what I was thinking when I made the ‘Killshot’ beat was something mean, gritty, grimy. When I realized it was gonna go to Eminem was the morning that MGK dropped ‘Rap Devil.’ I was in Miami, with my girl, on vacation celebrating Kamikaze and I see MGK’s diss. I clicked on it, like, ‘D***, that’s how it is, Ronny?’ Right away, I went into my folder and tried to find the hardest beats possible. I sent two beats. It was like eight o’clock at night and I was like, ‘Yo, I sent Giggs some crazy s***. I hit Giggs, and he told me what beat he used, and he didn’t use [‘Killshot’]. I sent it right away.”

Eminem took slightly longer to respond to MGK’s “Rap Devil” than MGK took responding to Eminem’s original Kamikaze diss, entitled “Not Alike.” It would appear taking his time paid off well, as Eminem is enjoying much success of his recent album, Kamikaze, while MGK is struggling to keep his name in the limelight following the highly publicized squabble.

Eminem’s diss tracks have had devastating consequences for a number of musicians over the years, including rappers Ja Rule, Benzino, Everlast, and even Mariah Carey.