Guest Banned From Walt Disney World For Life After Waving ‘Trump 2020’ Banner On Splash Mountain

Danny Cox

Going to Walt Disney World is a privilege and not something that anyone has granted to them, but it can most certainly be taken away. People go to Disney Parks with the hope of having a great time and getting away from the stress of the outside world. One guest thought that it would be a good idea to let the magical world know his affiliation and support for Donald Trump, but it ended up getting him banned for life.

Dion Cini is not ashamed of his support for president Donald Trump and he will continue to let the world know that he will vote for him in 2020. That is why the guest went to Walt Disney World, as it wasn’t just to ride the attractions and try all the different foods.

As reported b FOX 11, Cini was recently seen holding up a “TRUMP 2020” banner on Splash Mountain and it was captured with the on-ride camera system. This isn’t something that Disney decided to take lightly and it led to them advising the Orange County Sheriff’s Office who showed up at the Magic Kingdom.

After getting off of the ride, Cini received word from OCSO that he was trespassing on Walt Disney World property and he was escorted out of the park. He states that he has now been banned from all WDW properties including theme parks, resorts, and Disney Springs.


For those who may not remember, Don Cini is the same guest who hung a giant “Trump 2020” banner in the Magic Kingdom back in September. He and another guest hung it up on the train station at the start of Main Street U.S.A. and it went viral almost immediately.

After that incident, Cini was banned from Walt Disney World property the first time. Disney did back off a little and advised him that he would be allowed back onto the property and into the parks as long as he did not hang flags to “incite crowds.”

With this latest situation on Splash Mountain, Cini insists that he did not incite a crowd since he was on an attraction that seats only eight guests. Therefore, he did not do anything wrong in his eyes, but he doesn’t plan on breaking the law.

Despite being seen at Epcot this past week, Cini has said that he won’t be going back to anywhere at Walt Disney World. His “TRUMP 2020” banner being shown on Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom will be the last time his support for the president is seen anywhere at WDW. It won’t be the last time he shows his support at all, though, as he plans to fly bigger banners for Donald Trump all around the United States.