Rudy Giuliani Has Spent $286K On His Mistress In Last Six Months, His Ex Says In Court

Aaron P. BernsteinGetty Images

For Rudy Giuliani, extra-marital affairs apparently aren’t cheap.

As the former New York mayor turned adviser for Donald Trump goes through a divorce from third wife Judith Nathan, court proceedings have revealed that he has a very rich spending habit on his newest love. As the New York Observer reported, Judith Nathan has filed a court claim that Giuliani spent $286,536 on his mistress, Maria Rosa Ryan, since they started dating in April.

Nathan had filed for divorce earlier in the year, around the same time that reports connected Giuliani to Ryan.

For his part, Giuliani claims that he has been in financial trouble due to his decision to represent Donald Trump pro bono. Giuliani has become one of Trump’s most vocal backers, pushing back against the Russia investigation and reportedly negotiating with Robert Mueller’s team on their request of an interview with the president.

In court, Rudy Giuliani and his soon-to-be ex-wife were chided for carrying out their divorce through New York tabloids rather than resolve it privately in court.

“It is beyond me why this is done publicly… throwing out all [your] dirty laundry for consumption,” said Judge Michael Katz (via NBC New York).

Rudy Giuliani wasn’t terribly discrete about his affair, either. Before reports connected him with Maria Rosa Ryan, Giuliani appeared in a local television news segment at the New Hampshire hospital where Ryan is an administrator.

Giuliani also traveled to a Florida court to speak in favor of Rosa’s daughter, who was accused of insurance fraud.

“I came to show the court she is just a young woman who made a mistake,” Giuliani told the Daily Mail after his appearance. “Like a character witness if you wish. She works for me and I’m in the best position to show she should be given a break in this instance.”

Though Giuliani claimed that he and Ryan did not start having an affair until he was separated from Nathan, she told New York Post’s Page Six that Rudy was lying.

“My husband’s denial of the affair with the married Mrs. Ryan is as false as his claim that we were separated when he took up with her,” Judith Nathan responded.

No matter what happens with his divorce proceedings, Rudy Giuliani could have a difficult time escaping the spotlight in the coming weeks. The Russia investigation is expected to come to a conclusion, with a final report expected to be submitted sometime in the coming weeks.