Irish Aviation Authority Investigating UFO Spotted By British Airways Pilot

Shannon air traffic control in Ireland received a strange call at 6:47 a.m. local time Friday morning. It was a British Airways pilot…and he was looking at a UFO.

The pilot saw something “moving so fast,” and asked if there were military exercises being conducted in the area, according to the BBC.

The pilot was performing a pretty routine flight from Montreal in Canada to London’s Heathrow Airport. She said she saw a “very bright light” after the aircraft came up toward the left side of her plane. Then, the object “rapidly veered to the north.”

A second pilot, this one flying a Virgin plane, also spotted something bizarre in the sky at the same time. He saw “multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory,” and also noticed how bright the objects were.

The Irish Aviation Authority has filed a report on the sighting, which will “be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process.”

The Shannon Airport has declined to comment on the story because the investigation is still ongoing.

According to the Irish Times, “several commercial aircraft” pilots reported to seeing the UFO on Friday morning. One pilot noted that the object was moving at an “astronomical” speed. He estimated that the UFO was moving at Mach 2. That’s twice the speed of sound, and twice as fast as a commercial jetliner.

“There’s nothing showing on either primary or secondary [radar],” Shannon Air Traffic Control answered the pilot who radioed in to report the UFO and ask about military exercises in the area.

“We were just wondering,” said the pilot. “We were just wondering what it might be.”

Apparently, so is everyone else.

One pilot suggested that the bright lights and moving objects in the sky could have been a meteor shower, which sounds pretty plausible.

However, this UFO sighting is hardly an isolated incident. According to the UFO Hunters website, unidentified flying objects have been spotted from all over the country. Prior to this event last Friday, the most recent UFO sighting in Ireland was on August 10. The UFO was seen from Swords, a city in County Dublin.

Shannon is in County Clare.

There are 100 separate UFO sightings in Ireland listed on the website.

“Aliens upon us, Armageddon?” Asked one Twitter user. “Or was it an US/foreign army exercise maybe?”

“It’s funny I was told a similar story of a sighting a couple of weeks ago,” said another tweet.

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