Paul Wood: Suspected Malignant Brain Tumor Miraculously Disappears The Day Before Planned Surgery

A man name Paul Wood was diagnosed with a suspected malignant brain tumor. But a day before he was due to receive surgery, all traces of the tumor disappeared completely. Of course, this has left doctors completely baffled, but Paul credits his miraculous recovery to God and his faith, detailed CBS Sacramento. It’s an incredible story that even Paul couldn’t have foreseen when he was sent to go see a neurosurgeon at UC San Francisco.

“My phone is blowing up, my Facebook is prayer after prayer, all over California. It’s a miracle and that is the way God planned it.”

Wood is part of Gravity Church in Lodi, and the pastor there, Jason McEachron, echoed his thoughts.

“He just kept saying, ‘no matter what happens to me, I’m going to be okay. I trust God.’ And that was an inspiration for a lot of people around him.”

Undoubtedly, thanks to the incredible turn of events, Wood will likely continue to serve as further inspiration for his congregation and beyond. One church attendee, Ryan Kimura, said that “Paul’s story just breathes hope.”

On the other hand, Dr. Richard Yee added that “We do tests and we have medical technology and we try to come up with some conclusion… sometimes things happen that we can’t explain.”

The website for Gravity Church shows that their slogan is “Love with no agenda,” and they have locations in Lodi and Stockton.

The church is fairly new and was founded in 2009. Their missions include “Reaching the outcasts,” “Connection with family,” and “Disciples making disciples.”

Paul is now taking to his Facebook page to share his story and to preach about Christianity. People are praising God in his comments, while others ask him questions, like “did you pray a lot? Did you take a lot of olive oil? What do you think made the tumor disappear?” To that, Wood responded, “I will put a link up with Francis Chan, and what I follow and believe, yes God answers my prayers.”

Doctors have reportedly asked Paul to take part in further research so that they can learn more about what happened. It’s unclear whether the man plans to take part in the scientific study. If Wood does take part in further scientific research, perhaps specialists can gain more knowledge on how to treat the medical condition. But for now, it looks like everyone is left to form their own conclusions on what happened.