Netflix Announces Five New Original Animes, Plans To Expand Asian Commitment

Netflix has spent the last few years investing a lot of time and money into expanding the Asian content in their library. According to a recent press release, Netflix plans to release 17 new titles bringing the total of new and returning Asian content to over 100 different titles.

Perhaps what has attracted the most attention from fans of Asian culture is the announcement revealing five of the titles will be brand-new Netflix Original anime series. While the streaming giant didn’t include release dates for the new anime series, here’s everything they did share with us.

Pacific Rim (Release Date To Be Announced)

If you recognize the name Pacific Rim, it is because it is a science fiction/action thriller film originally released in 2013. A sequel called Pacific Rim: Uprising was released five years later in June of 2018. The anime series will expand on the original story and focus on the narrative of two siblings on a quest to find their parents.

Altered Carbon (Release Date To Be Announced)

Altered Carbon is another name Netflix subscribers may recognize as Netflix released it as an original sci-fi series in February of this year. The streaming giant made the decision to expand on their own universe and turn it into an anime series as well.

Dai Sato and Tsukasa Kondo are writing the content for the series. Sato also had a hand in writing Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo.

Cagaster of an Insect Cage (Release Date To Be Announced)

According to My Anime List, Cagaster of an Insect Cage is the adaption of a manga series called Mushikago no Cagaster. The series tells the stories of a couple trying to survive in a world where a disease referred to as “Cagaster” transforms people into killer insects.

Fans expect great things in terms of animation and content with Gonzo handling the production and Koichi Chigira directing the series.

Yasuke (Release Date To Be Announced)

Yasuke takes place in a war-riddled Japan following the story of a retired samurai who must wield his sword once more to transport and protect a mysterious child that dark forces want to kill.

Trese (Release Date To Be Announced)

Trese is an adaption of a Philippine graphic novel of the same name. The story takes place in a world where mythical creatures of Philippine folklore exist and hide among the humans. The series follows Alexandra Trese who goes up against a criminal underworld filled with evil supernatural creatures.

“Asia is home to the world’s great creative centers producing some of the most compelling films and series of today,” Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer for Netflix, said during the press release regarding the expansion of Asian content.