Boy George Asks Why Have We Made Donald Trump A Cartoon Pantomime Villain?

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Everyone and their dog has an opinion on Donald Trump but Culture Club singer Boy George is a bit reluctant to give his.

Instead, he prefers to ask why we have taken the American president and created a cartoon pantomime villain.

Speaking to the NME, George revealed that he thinks of himself as political because his life is like a political rant, but he admits he doesn’t want to talk about Trump and add to the noise.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. First of all, unless you’re going to say something really profound, don’t bother. And second, we’re making him into the cartoon pantomime villain and I would ask the bigger question: why have we created him? I mean, what came first: the chicken or the Faberge Egg?”

In the same interview, George reveals he was called a “queer” and a “girl” from the age of 6 because of his sexuality and said that since then, some amazing things have happened but in his opinion, the world hasn’t changed all that much.

He insists open-minded people have always been open-minded and “the people that now feel free to shout fa**ot across the street at us were always there – they’ve just been re-awoken by the mood.”

By the same token, George is keen to defend someone like Eminem for using the word “fa**ot” on a track because the rapper shakes up the status quo and is “kind of a breath of fresh air” in an age where “comedians are getting condemned for being comedians.”

Donald Trump making a gesture.
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George also believes that the “offended generation” is in danger of letting things get out of hand and stressed what “we’ve got to be careful of is being neutered by the net for fear of having an opinion.

“I don’t ever go out of my way to hurt somebody but I’ve grown up being chased down the street dressed as a nun. You know, don’t talk to me about somebody writing something nasty about me on the internet. I know it’s awful if you’re being targeted but you can block people. Mute, block, go away. You don’t have to engage with them.”

George also admits he finds himself in hysterics on stage marveling at the conduct of the crowd. The Culture Club singer explained how so many people are too busy on their phones and making sure everything is okay on their social media accounts to really get into the gig.

“People really don’t know how to behave. They’re on their phones, I go, ‘Is everything OK on the internet? Instagram? Snapchat? Everything fine?’ I am very school teacher on stage. I say to people ‘Why have you come?!'”