Playgirl boasts Tiger Woods nudes

If a report in the New York Daily News is on the up and up, nearly a dozen mistresses may be the least of fallen American Sweetheart Tiger Woods’ worries.

The nudie mag Playgirl is announced plans to publish naked pictures of Tiger’s wood if they can confirm veracity of the photos:

“We were approached by a third party who wanted to know our ‘interest level,” Daniel Nardicio claims in several published reports. “Our lawyers are currently going over them, the source, the entire package.”

If it’s really Tiger’s package, the spread could do wonders for Playgirl considering the huge media circus surrounding the very public fall of Woods. (Playgirl also just famously published a photo shoot featuring babydaddy of Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston.) And while there hasn’t been a massive amount of hatred directed toward the golf legend, a feature in Playgirl can certainly tip the tide, depending on content. Woods has kept silent about the busload of women stepping forward claiming to be side-dishes for the golfer, save for a message on his website where he admitted “transgressions” and apologized to his family.