Former Ohio Police Chief Charged With Attacking Wife Two Days Before Her Body Was Found Hanging From Ceiling Fan

Former Ohio police chief Clark Gast has been arrested for allegedly attacking his wife two days before her body was found hanging from the couple's ceiling fan. Laura Gast, 40, was allegedly choked, beaten, and slammed against a wall in front of her 10-year-old daughter. The little girl took photos of her mom's injuries and gave them to law enforcement investigators.

Clark Gast, 37, had domestic violence charges levied against him on Tuesday. Laura Gast's daughter also maintains that the former law enforcement official often beat her mom. He was arrested on two domestic violence counts, one charge for the alleged abuse of his wife, and another for allegedly harming his stepdaughter.

"I ought to kill you," the former Ohio police chief allegedly said while beating his wife.During the summer of 2013, the Gast family dog bit the former police chief during an act of domestic violence, the girl claims. Gast grabbed the dog by the throat and began choking it, according to a report by WCPO News. When the child tried to help her pet, she said she was yanked away by her hair.The family of Laura Gast believe that Clark Gast murdered her, but Aberdeen police investigators ruled the death was a suicide by hanging. Aberdeen is located in Brown County along the Ohio River. Gast worked for the Aberdeen Police Department, which reportedly refused to permit outside agents to investigate the apparent suicide of the chief's wife.

During the Gast suicide investigation, the Brown County prosecutor reportedly wrote a letter to the coroner, saying his office was "very concerned someone is getting away with murder." If convicted on the domestic violence charges, the former Ohio police chief could spend up to 180 days in jail. On Wednesday, a $5,000 bond was set in the case. Clark Cast is slated to appear in court again on August 26.

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