Pizza Eating Husky Arrested For ‘Aggressively’ Stealing Family’s Dinner

Marion County, OR – A runaway dog has been reclaimed by his owners after being “arrested” for invading a family’s vehicle and “aggressively eating” their pizza.

Eysak, a 5-year-old Siberian husky, was picked up by its owners at the Marion County dog shelter after it was nabbed for voraciously consuming an Oregon family’s pizza, reports MSN. The wronged family, who wished to remain anonymous, had just bought a pepperoni pizza and were unloading their vehicle when they heard barking from the backseat.

Enter Eysak, who had snuck into the family’s vehicle and helped himself to their dinner. The husky was described as “eating the pizza in an aggressive fashion.” The pizza’s owner tried to shoo and scare the dog away, at which point the pup became more aggressive.

The family called the police, who found Eysak still enjoying the pizza and “defending his food,” reports The Oregonian.

Dog Control Officer Karen Hilfiker removed the dog and brought him to the county shelter. Eysak apparently has a microchip in him, but it doesn’t say who his current owner is, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s spokesman.

Regardless, the family who owns Eysak was ultimately able to reclaim their husky, but we can’t say whether or not they reimbursed the wronged family on their lost pizza.

Oh, the best part about this story? Eysak was wearing a collar that reads: “Don’t Mess with My Food.”

What do you think? Can you blame Eysak the husky for chowing down on a delicious pepperoni pizza?