Ariana Grande Teases Of New Song & Album Inspired By Pete Davidson Split

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Possibly taking a page out of Taylor Swift’s playbook, it appears as if Ariana Grande’s next song – and album – will be fueled by her feelings following her split from Pete Davidson.

In a series of tweets on Saturday morning, Grande confirmed the name of her next album – as well as her next song – as “Thank U, Next.”

According to People, the reason why many assume the name of her new album and song are fueled by feelings toward Davidson is because Grande used the phrase to take a dig at her ex-fiancé in a tweet that she has since deleted.

When Pete appeared on the SNL promo for tonight’s episode, he indirectly referenced Ariana after introducing himself to Maggie Rogers before proposing to her in a joking manner. As those who followed Pete and Ariana know, the duo had only been dating for a month before they announced their engagement.

“For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh,” she penned in the deleted tweet as she clapped back at her ex.

“Thank u, next,” Grande added in a second tweet.

Ariana’s deleted tweets followed just hours after Pete poked fun at his failed engagement to the 25-year-old pop sensation on the SNL promo.

Ariana confirmed the name of her next album when a fan took to Twitter to ask her “Is thank u, next gonna be the last track of the album?” Grande replied to the question with a simple “yes.”

The young singer also answered a follow-up question regarding whether it was the name of an album or a song.

Grande tweeted confirmation that it was the name of both her next song and her next album. She even teased the song would come before the album.

Just to make the name of her next song and album clear, Grande tossed up one more tweet, “anyway… thank u, next.”

The title of her new song and album wasn’t the only piece of information Grande appeared to be willing to share with her 58.6 million Twitter followers.

In a Twitter thread, Ariana shared what appeared to be lyrics. She, however, did not confirm what the assumed lyrics were for or even if they were lyrics at all.

“Cause look what i found…. ain’t no need for searching and for that i say…. thank u, next,” she wrote in one of many tweets her followers assumed to be song lyrics.

Given her latest string of Twitter activity, many assume the song – and possibly the entire album – will center around her breakup.

According to TMZ, Grande plans to release her new song 30 minutes before the SNL episode featuring her ex airs. TMZ also reports the theme of the album is empowerment and it is not a diss track.