‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Season 6 Return Date Is November 13, Will The Lagina Brothers Finally Find Treasure?

Aaron Homer - Author

Nov. 2 2018, Updated 6:21 a.m. ET

The Curse of Oak Island returns to The History Channel for Season 6, and fans will be tuning in to watch two Michigan brothers search for rumored buried pirate treasure on the Canadian island.

The show, for those not familiar, follows two Michigan brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, as they dig – and dig and dig and dig – for buried treasure on Oak Island, a wooded island off the coast of Nova Scotia. For 150 years, give or take, legend has held that there’s buried treasure on that island, perhaps buried by the famed pirate Captain Kidd. Rumors of what the actual treasure consists of also abound. Is it your prototypical pirate treasure of jewels and gold doubloons? Is it lost Shakespearean manuscripts? Is it some documentation revealing some ancient sinister plot?

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And most ear-tickling of all is this: at least one legend holds that the treasure will be found after seven people have died searching for it. As of this writing, six people have died in the quest. Cue suspenseful music here.

By some accounts, as reported by the Inquisitr, the Lagina Brothers have been searching for the treasure for about 10 years, even though The History Channel has only shown them looking for it (and of course, not finding it) for five seasons (and an upcoming sixth).

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So what can fans expect in Season 6? The following preview from The History Channel promises more of the same.

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Here, the words “the same” refer to The History Channel’s method of keeping viewers watching the show as the guys get no closer to finding the treasure. That formula involves the guys or their crew finding some promising scrap of evidence here or there, the drama amped up by suspenseful music and clever editing, the evidence failing to pan out, cut to commercial. When the show comes back from the commercial, the narrator summarizes what has happened so far, then some more almost-but-not-quite finding the treasure occurs, lather rinse repeat. Intersperse that narrative with some exposition about the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, or whichever other shadowy groups “may have” had some connection to the treasure, and you’ve got a show.

So will the Lagina Brothers finally find the treasure in Season 6? To put it in pirate speak: here be spoilers.

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The answer is no, the Lagina Brothers will not find any buried pirate treasure in Season 6. For now, we will leave aside the matter of whether or not there is, or even ever was, buried pirate treasure on Oak Island. Instead, we’ll focus on the realities of TV production. Months, if not a year or more, have passed between the time the brothers’ crew dug up this patch of dirt of dug up that patch of dirt and the time when the footage will have aired on your TV. That means that, if the brothers found the treasure, it would have been all over the Canadian (and likely international) news the very moment it happened. You have, of course, read no such thing, which means that it didn’t happen.

Still, if you’re hell-bent on watching two Michigan businessmen not find buried pirate treasure that probably doesn’t exist, tune in to The History Channel on Tuesday, November 13 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.


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