‘Curse Of Oak Island: A Look Ahead’ — Will There Be A Fifth Season?

Curse of Oak Island: A Look Ahead aired this week, and fans are wondering if the Lagina brothers will finally find buried pirate treasure next season or even if there will be a next season.

Last week, the “final” episode of Season 4 of Curse of Oak Island aired, wrapping up a fourth season of the popular History Channel show in which Michigan businessmen the Lgaina brothers — Rick and Marty — finding tantalizing clues but failing to come up with buried pirate treasure. The episode ended on something of a cliffhanger, with the brothers no closer to the treasure but in possession of two new “clues”: a button and some metal debris.

This week, History gave Oak Island fans a gift in the form of a bonus episode that purports to look ahead toward the brothers’ future on the island, and the show’s future.

Like most Season 4 episodes of Curse of Oak Island, “A Look Ahead” was long on summaries of previous episodes and recaps of the current episode, and short on actual content. The “meat” of the episode consisted of the Lagina brothers chatting about the future of their expedition with Matty Blake. The brothers produced another coded map… and that’s it.

So does that mean that this map will help the brothers in the quest for the mythical buried pirate treasure that legend holds is buried on the island? Will the map feature prominently on Season 5? Will there even be a Season 5?

According to Monsters & Critics, History has not, as of this writing, confirmed or denied that there will be a fifth season of Curse of Oak Island. However, considering that the show is one of the network’s highest-rated shows, it seems unlikely that the network will abandon the brothers and their quest for pirate treasure.

However, there are several reasons why there may not be a Season 5 of Oak Island.

For one thing, even though History Channel cameras have been documenting the Lagina brothers’ quest for buried pirate treasure for four seasons, the men have actually been digging around on the island for closer to a decade. According to TV Over Mind, the brothers have sunk between $3 and $5 million into their treasure hunt — only to find bubkus — and their quest keeps them away from their families for months at a time.

For another thing, fans are only going to put up with watching the brothers not find buried treasure for so long. The brothers’ treasure hunt could go on for another decade, and they may continue to be thwarted (or equally likely, they may be digging for nothing, considering that the “evidence” for the pirate treasure on the island was pretty weak to begin with). There’s only so much The History Channel’s producers can do with footage of the guys not finding treasure, and as fans learned in Season 4, most episodes of the show follow the same disappointing pattern: recaps of previous episodes, recaps of what has happened in the current episode, and the narrator trying to connect the treasure to everything from the Knights Templar to aliens.

It’s wearing on some of the show’s fans.

On the show’s Facebook page, several fans have had enough.

Steven Hill: Such a disappointment! 10 years of hard work paid off – with a button and metal debris?

Tim Davidson: This has got to be the biggest FRAUD show of all time. For3 years this show has strung us along and for what, a few pieces of wood beams, a railroad nail/spike and parts of a metal box.

However, don’t expect The History Channel to jump ship (so to speak) on one of their most popular shows, either. In other words, there may very well be a Season 5 of Curse of Oak Island; if and when a decision is announced to renew the show for a fifth season, The Inquisitr will certainly let you know.

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